About Us
Training2s is a subline of an award winning educational products' brand – K's Kids. Some children may need special training in some areas. K's Kids has specially developed a series of toys called Training2s™ to help children to improve their skills at areas that they are weak at. Parents or teachers can make use of these tools to improve a child's weakness, such as improve eye-hand coordination, sensory integration, body balance, small and big muscles, emotions, logical sequences etc.
Our Products

Wind Up Emma

Enhance gross and fine motor skills.

Story Blocks

Enhance logical thinking. Improve communication skill.

Press n Go Inchworm

Enhance fine and gross motor skills. Reinforce proprioception by crawling.

K's Kids Learning Triangle
Every piece of K's Kids toy is designed for the healthy development of a child. To help parents understand the benefits of our toy to your child, K's Kids have developed a "Learning Triangle" which summarizes what a child needs in his PHYSICAL, COGNITIVE and SOCIAL developments.
Introducing Training2s